Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou
I was trained as a classical philologist (Ph.D. in Classics) and a linguist (MA in English Language Studies).  I have experience in academic teaching (University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2015-2017). I also have long experience in academic project management in public sector academic institutions in Greece (Ministry of Education, Academy of Athens), Denmark (University of Copenhagen), France (University Savoie-Mont Blanc), and China (Liaocheng University). I have published more than 40 academic papers in internationally acclaimed academic journals and edited books and have delivered invited lectures in over a dozen countries around the globe. I have received funding for research projects from world class funding bodies such as Princeton University and the European Commission. My research interests and academic publications include topics in Classical Studies (Greek and Latin), Digital Humanities, especially the application of Semantic Web technologies in order to disclose information on ancient cultural heritage in a scalable way.
Since 2017 I am member of LISTIC lab-Condillac Research Group on Terminology and Ontology and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre (KETRC), Liaocheng University, China. My research activities at LISTIC-Condillac and KETRC include researching, lecturing and publishing especially on thematic axes relating to Digital Humanities and Semantic Web applications for Cultural Heritage.
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